How many keys does each Puncube key organizer hold?
A:Each Puncube key organizer can hold up to 3 keys

How do I know if my key will fit?
A:Puncube key organizer can fit for nearly all flat key blank with thickness less than 2.7mm,, the two keys side can fit for almost 90% key blank, the one key side can fit for the rest 10% with special head since the wider design.

Can I use Puncube wallets/card holder/ID holder and key organizer if I have a pacemaker or sensitivity to magnets?

A: No.
The Puncube Collection uses magnets and should not be used if you have a pacemaker, ICD (implanted cardiac defibrillator), or a condition that precludes using magnets near your body. Follow your doctor's advice if you have health concerns, and use similar caution as you would with other magnetic products. Children should not be allowed to handle magnets, as they can pose a choking hazard, and if swallowed may cause injury or death, so it is advised to keep magnets out of reach of children.

Are my electronics safe around Puncube?

A: Yes.
While neodymium magnets are powerful, these WILL NOT affect most electronics; exceptions include very old monitors or TV screens. It takes a very large magnet to affect an older hard drive, and the magnets we use simply aren’t that powerful.
The magnets will not harm your phone, or affect your phone calls. In fact, magnetic smartphone mounts are quite popular– here they address the concern well:
The magnets will not affect vehicle keys, USB sticks, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, digital cameras. Check out this video for a cool demo of things not affected
Your credit cards are also safe: It would take very deliberate, repeated swiping to possibly affect the magnetic stripe. A hotel key card (which gets recoded often) can be easier to erase, but after months of testing (and staying in hotels while using the Puncube, we haven't seen any issues. Your cards are more likely to be affected by scratches or bends than by magnets– and on that front, the soft TPU of the wallet/card holder/ID holder does not cause scratches.
Magnets will affect watches and clocks that have metal gears from functioning properly; magnets do not affect digital clocks. You can easily demagnetize your watch if this happens, and it's unlikely since they won't be coming in close contact.
Some hearing aids may react or become damaged if magnets are deliberately placed on them. Use caution if you have a pacemaker or other implant that is sensitive to magnets, and follow your doctor's advice.

Can I get a discount if I order 10+ wallets?
A:If you are a retailer or are simply looking to purchase a large number of wallets to give to your friends and family we can offer you a bespoke quote. Please contact us at :

Can I use the key organizer or wallet/card holder/ID hodler on its own?

A:Yes – all parts has been designed to be used individually

Is the magnetic power of key organizer strong enough, any risk of drop off?
A:It is powerful for daily use, please see the show of video page.

If the key is easy to drop out of the key organizer?
A:No. There are double setting to prevent the dropping: 1, the key organizer cap, 2, the damping design in the key organizer can hold the key safely.

Except for the keys, can I put some other things in the key organizer?
A:Yes, you can put any useful thing in it, if the size is allowed, such as key shape multi-tools.
Such as the mini multi-tools in our shop.

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