Slim Wallet
Slim Wallet
Slim Wallet
Slim Wallet
Slim Wallet
Slim Wallet

Slim Wallet

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color:Basalt black
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Minimalist design, compact to carry, maximum efficiency.

Compact Elegance - sleek and ultra-thin design, embodies minimalist sophistication
Quick Access - two rapid-access slots, ensuring swift and effortless retrieval of essentials.
RFID blocking - incorporating advanced technology, guarantees sensitive INFO safety.
Essential Capacity - carry 7-9 cards, optimizing function without compromising on form.
Concealed Versatility pocket - discreetly holding AirTag, coins, bills, keys, and more.
Exquisite Craftsmanship - premium-grade leather, promising durability and timeless style.

two quick access slots

true minimalists never sacrifice convenience

Quick access for quick pass

In the realm of quick access for a swift passage through daily tasks, minimalists prioritize simplicity without compromising ease. The key lies in streamlining without sacrificing functionality. The two quick-access slots accomplish the task with ease.

slim wallet fan 5 cards out


Card holder for 5 cards

Through thorough research and media analysis, the ideal capacity for a minimalist wallet emerges as 5 cards. This carefully chosen number embodies simplicity, functionality, and elegance, reflecting a thoughtful balance for those seeking a streamlined and efficient everyday carry.

Concealed pocket for Air-tag,coins,cash etc


Storage Pocket with Cover

Minimalism doesn't necessitate sacrificing utility; good design embraces and realizes both seamlessly. The concealed pocket of the PUNCUBE Minimal Wallet 3.0 exemplifies this philosophy by combining a sleek, minimalist aesthetic with practical functionality.

slim wallet vs minimal wallet 3