Slim Wallet
Slim Wallet
Slim Wallet
Slim Wallet
Slim Wallet
Slim Wallet

Slim Wallet

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color:Basalt black
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Minimalist design, compact to carry, maximum efficiency.

Compact Elegance - sleek and ultra-thin design, embodies minimalist sophistication
Quick Access - two rapid-access slots, ensuring swift and effortless retrieval of essentials.
RFID blocking - incorporating advanced technology, guarantees sensitive INFO safety.
Essential Capacity - carry 7-9 cards, optimizing function without compromising on form.
Concealed Versatility pocket - discreetly holding AirTag, coins, bills, keys, and more.
Exquisite Craftsmanship - premium-grade leather, promising durability and timeless style.

two quick access slots

true minimalists never sacrifice convenience

Quick access for quick pass

In the realm of quick access for a swift passage through daily tasks, minimalists prioritize simplicity without compromising ease. The key lies in streamlining without sacrificing functionality. The two quick-access slots accomplish the task with ease.

slim wallet fan 5 cards out


Card holder for 5 cards

Through thorough research and media analysis, the ideal capacity for a minimalist wallet emerges as 5 cards. This carefully chosen number embodies simplicity, functionality, and elegance, reflecting a thoughtful balance for those seeking a streamlined and efficient everyday carry.

Concealed pocket for Air-tag,coins,cash etc


Storage Pocket with Cover

Minimalism doesn't necessitate sacrificing utility; good design embraces and realizes both seamlessly. The concealed pocket of the PUNCUBE Minimal Wallet 3.0 exemplifies this philosophy by combining a sleek, minimalist aesthetic with practical functionality.

slim wallet vs minimal wallet 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Turn it sideways, it almost disappears!



LIKES: thinness, capacity, appearance, design


Comments: I’m transitioning from a phone case that accommodates cards itself as I am going to a larger, newer phone. I liked the idea of no longer carrying a wallet, do not look forward to going back to keeping track of two things Some of the pants I own do not have a large enough phone pocket to accommodate the new phone with a thick case. I’ll be going back to a thin case plus a credit card holder. I searched high and low for the minmalest of minimalists wallets and finally came across this one. I’m thrilled it even has a place to stash some cash and holds all 5 cards (2 credit cards, 2 insurance cards and my driver’s license) I need on a routine basis. Plus will accommodate more if needed (e.g. vacation). I really hardly know it is there. The only problem now is I will have to remember to grab it before I head to the store and remember to remove it from my trousers before putting them in the dirty clothes. I suspect the prior will take a while?
Conclusion: I can highly recommend this wallet for anyone who wants to carry just a few cards and a little cash as unobtrusively as possible. I like it!

Nice Minimalist wallet with a pouch

Build quality is good for this wallet. Stitching is clean and the design is solid. The case is attractive and the logo doesn't bug me. For use, I think 2 cards and with no visual. So the pouch is well enough designed. You could fit some SD or micro SD cards or an air tag. It has a flap that folds and tucks back inside the wallet. It's perfect for a lot of scenarios. Like keeping your lucky coin. Or a folded bill for emergencies.

Note: You have 2 card slots and a little more than a half sized pouch, be ok with that before purchase. If you travel you'd want something like this.

Mike B
I like it more than I thought I would

I have been a front pocket wallet person now for 20+ years. I use to use old business card holders as a wallet and for the last 10+ years or so I’ve been using the hard shell RFID style front pocket wallets. Given what I’ve been using for so long I was a bit skeptical of a leather minimalist style wallet.

When I first opened this wallet, my first thought was this is too thin and will not hold enough. After transferring my basics over (ID, insurance cards, business CC, personal CC, and ATM card) I found that the wallet more than held all of my required items. The great thing is it was still extremely thin. I didn’t add an air tag to the front pouch, but even adding an AirTag wouldn’t make it bulky at all.

The build of the wallet is solid. It feels good. When you add the items to the wallet it hangs on to everything very snuggly, but not so tightly that it is hard to remove items you need to remove.

I’ll give this wallet a try for a while. If you like the minimalist style wallets and don’t carry a ton of cards, this one is a great fit for you.

So Sleek

I like this style very much, so sleek.

Looks great

Lightweight, low profile, meet the necessary daily functions, is the card case I need.

Great slim wallet

The genuine leather adds a touch of luxury to the wallet, making it not only stylish but also durable. The minimalist design ensures a slim profile, perfect for those who prefer a more streamlined and sleek wallet.

The built-in AirTag pocket is a brilliant feature, offering a modern solution for keeping track of your wallet. It adds a layer of security and convenience, especially for those who are prone to misplacing their essentials.

R Meyer
Nice simple minimalistic wallet

Perfect for your front pocket.

Only holds a few cards and some cash. Perfect for those who are looking for just that.

Stitching and materials seem to be done well.

It has a type of hidden pocket to put some cash or a tracking device if desired.

I like my new wallet.

I didnt know that people can scan your cards just buy waving their phone close to your pocket. So I got a wallet that will not allow criminal theives to steal my info. I hope it works. Ill update you if anything crazy happens. You just cant be too safe in the world we live in. I would try it my self but I cant figure out how.