Starting with the Essentials – Applying Minimalism to Your Keyring and Wallet

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Minimalism sounds daunting, and often we give up on it because we don’t know where to start. To make your life minimalistic, you need to start with the essentials. This includes things you use daily where most of the clutter is—for example, your purse, wallet, keyring, and car.

We are here to help you choose products that will not just declutter your keyring and wallet but also add a stylish element to your lifestyle.

Puncube Key Organizer

Are you tired of carrying a bulky keyring and often struggle to find the right key because you have too many at once? We get it because we have been there. Your keychain protrudes out of your pocket and takes up extra time because it carries too much. It is time to switch to a keyring that carries only the most important keys. This key organizer can be attached to your phone using a magnetic sticker. The ridge key case also has a Magsafe version which is ideal for iPhone users.

How does this key organizer help in minimalistic living

It saves up space of carrying unnecessary keys

This keyring can hold two to three keys at a time. Instead of carrying a keychain full of random keys, this will have the essential ones only. It also sticks to your phone, saving space and ensuring you always have your essentials in one place.

More than just a keyring

This ridge key holder has multiple functions, so you don’t have to buy extra things. It works well as a keyholder, a wallet, a card organizer, and an ID badge holder. Puncube helps organize all the essentials we tend to forget and misplace. Instead of carrying three different products, you can have an all-in-one tool that makes life easier and quicker.

Puncube Slim Wallet 2.0

No matter how much you organize a traditional wallet, it ends up homing receipts and cards that have little utility. Your minimalistic lifestyle demands a sleek wallet that contains the essentials while looking elegant.

How does this Slim wallet help in minimalistic living?

Carries all the essentials

This minimalistic wallet for men and women has plenty of space to carry essential cards, emergency cash, and important keys. Your regular wallet usually holds extra business cards and cash that you do not need in regular use. This ridge wallet helps you choose the frequently used cards to avoid clutter.

Multipurpose wallet

Apart from holding cards, coins, and cash, this slim wallet has multiple uses, making it a perfect choice for a minimalist. It can cling to the back of your phone and act as a phone rest. It also has a portion for holding keys and a specialized tool key. This tool key can be separately bought, but it does wonder at being a screwdriver, a wrench, and a bottle opener!


The Puncube slim wallet 2.0 and the key organizer are must-haves for people who want to save up space yet have a modern touch to their belongings. These products are minimalistic and user-friendly, making them an ideal purchase.