Minimal Wallet 3.0
Minimal Wallet 3.0
Minimal Wallet 3.0
Minimal Wallet 3.0
Minimal Wallet 3.0
Minimal Wallet 3.0
Minimal Wallet 3.0
Minimal Wallet 3.0

Minimal Wallet 3.0

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  • Highlight Features

    ★ Creative fusion of Cardholder & Keyholder
    ★ Ultra minimal carry for saving space
    ★ Concealed pocket for tidy organization
    ★ Handcrafted with high-grade leather
    ★ Hidden phone stand function
    ★ Optional dedicated multi-tool

color:Basalt black
Series:Wallet 3.0
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Simplify your carry of wallet and key chain,save 50% pocket space.

The slim profile of the PUNCUBE Minimal Wallet is designed to fit all of your essentials: cards, cash, Air Tags, keys, and coins--the master of your front pocket trimmer.

Top choice of minimalist wallet

Card holder for 5 cards

Through thorough research and media analysis, the ideal capacity for a minimalist wallet emerges as 5 cards. This carefully chosen number embodies simplicity, functionality, and elegance, reflecting a thoughtful balance for those seeking a streamlined and efficient everyday carry.

fusion makes puncube minimal wallet stand out

Dedicated Key Holder

Fusion is the secret ingredient that propels the PUNCUBE Minimal Wallet into a league of its own. A dedicated key holder takes center stage, aligning seamlessly with our first design principle: carrying only the essentials. Eliminating the jingling chaos, it epitomizes the true essence of minimalism, providing a streamlined solution for effortless access to your home and office keys.

Take more when you need

Flexible cash band

Empower yourself to take more when needed with our flexible cash band. In unforeseen situations requiring extra cash, let the adaptable band come to your rescue. Embracing minimalism while ensuring versatility, the two ways to carry cash—via the silicone band or the storage pocket—provide a seamless solution for your changing needs. Stay minimal yet prepared with PUNCUBE's thoughtful design.

Storage Pocket with Cover

Minimalism doesn't necessitate sacrificing utility; good design embraces and realizes both seamlessly. The concealed pocket of the PUNCUBE Minimal Wallet 3.0 exemplifies this philosophy by combining a sleek, minimalist aesthetic with practical functionality.

Detachable for Sustainability

With a detachable design secured by residue-free adhesive, the cash band can be easily replaced if damaged, providing a convenient solution. This not only enhances practicality but also aligns with sustainable practices, allowing for individual part replacements instead of an entire wallet.

Concealed Phone Stand

If you are a lover of original design like us, the concealed phone stand allows you to seamlessly switch from a sleek, unassuming profile to a functional stand. Embrace the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality, experiencing innovation that complements your style effortlessly.


The cash band is a default part. If you need the multi-tool, please opt for the EDC set.

Please wipe it with a wet rag and dry it, the stickiness will come back.

Please contact us at, we will provide these two spare parts for a free lifetime, only the freight cost would be at your side.

If your key holder was broken for some unexpected reason, please buy the key holder item directly, it is universal for all minimal wallets. If you need to buy a cardholder, please contact us at, we will open a dedicated link for the customer service purchase.