Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk
Portable laptop Desk

Portable laptop Desk

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Portable - A4 size, 0.6mm thickness, easy to carry
Expandable pad - Suitable for mouse use or writing
Lightweight - Only 1/3 of the weight of similar products
Laptop stand - 3 angles to improve your neck fatigue
High quality - Handcrafted with fine vegan leather
Sturdy - Built-in aerospace high-strength fiberboard
Heat dissipation - Distribute heat generated by the laptop

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Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

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Color:Midnight Blue
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Adjustable angle bracket to improve office fatigue

"Get Rid of Neck Pain, Relieving wrist fatigue ! "

Adjust laptop and iPad screens at three adjustable angles to ensure optimal viewing and reduce neck strain, back pain and eye strain. The keyboard tilts 15 degrees for an ergonomic typing posture, relieving wrist fatigue and making it easier to work on documents, send and receive emails, and improve work efficiency for long periods of time.

Our exclusive innovation will revolutionize your workspace!

Mouse-friendly design, improve efficiency

Equipped with a retractable mouse pad with an outstanding feel, it can enhance your work and gaming experience whether on the desk, in bed, on the sofa, or while traveling.

Cool and comfortable legs

Efficient heat dissipation

The triangular support reduces the contact between the stand and the bottom and provides dual-channel ventilation to ensure rapid heat dissipation of the laptop and maintain optimal performance. This gives you a stable surface while keeping your knees cool when you use your computer on your lap

The world's thinnest and lightest premium laptop desk

Best portability for travelers

We've all had the experience of working, playing games or watching sports in uncomfortable places - whether it's in a café or airplane, in a car, or at a campground. This portable laptop desk weighs just 1.3lbs, is A4 size and only 6 mm thick when not in use. It won't take up any of your valuable luggage space, making it a popular choice for frequent travelers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Crawford (Elk Grove Village, US)
Outstanding PC lapdesk

I've been looking for a nice portable (small and light) lapdesk for a few years now and have tried many. Finally found it with this lapdesk. It is one of thinest and lightest I have found and very sturdy. The mouse pad extension is by far one of the stongest. The size and weight allows me easily backpack it when I travel. I liked it so much I bought two.

Aaron (London, GB)
Works OK, Tricky to Figure Out

Figuring out how to fold this thing properly took me several tries, several views of the videos, and a look at some other online photos. If you get easily frustrated, don't even bother (unless you want to use it as a character-building exercise). I've included side view photos of the two positions that hopefully can help. I wish the manufacturer had included a few simple, clear photos of the folding steps. That would've been more useful than the passive-aggressive comment about people using the stand "in an incorrect way" and long, case-sensitive web addresses of mediocre video demos that you have to type in.

Now that I've figured it out, it works pretty well. I mainly use it with my chromebook, which is pretty lightweight. It also holds my 15.6" gaming laptop, which weighs a lot more, although that causes it to wobble just enough to make me nervous. Does it work well enough to justify the high price? Maybe. At first glance, it seems like a lot of money for a simple gadget, but there appears to be a fairly complex design of grooves and magnets below the surface. If you can handle the frustration -- give it a try.


I'm sorry for the unpleasant experience. Based on your suggestions, we have upgraded the instructions to be more intuitive. If you still have any questions, please contact our staff to solve them for you.

Rituals (Elk Grove Village, US)
A Portable Lap Desk That's Only 1/4" Thick? We Have Some STRONG Opinions To Share.

Hello there, nice to meet you! ;o)

I use a lot of lap desks! I travel a lot, and do a lot of writing just about anywhere, be it on the road, coffee shops, flying, and what have you. That said, I'm always on the lookout for better versions of the humble lap desk all the time. The PUNCUBE Portable Lap Desk is only 1/4" thick-- I had to try it out!

Here's what I found, and kindly forgive any frankness:

Firstly, I love great designs, and the old adage, 'form follows function.' In other words, the lap desk must contain/hold either your computer or tablet in a safe manner, so your hard-earned equipment doesn't crash to the floor. ;o)

The PUNCUBE collapsed lap desk arrives in simplified, yet lightweight packaging that doesn't really tell you how to assemble the desk. There's no instructions to be had, save a simple printed sheet of paper thanking you for your purchase, with two 'short-form' URLs that you have to type in yourself. (I must say, I'm not a fan of having to watch a video how to assemble an item... for all we know, we could be out in the field, without internet connection-- and you have no way to put something together.) This product requires you going to some source to tell you how to set it up. Great design makes the item intuitive to put together, and for some reason, I'm stumped on this lap desk.

I broke down (despite my misgivings), and typed in the URLs, and watched the videos, and guess what? Another obstacle for me to overcome. The video wasn't very clear at all! My hubby finally determined that he can see the 'bumps' in the surface of the desk of the magnets and figured out they ought to go together-- only then, we were able to get the laptop stand to work. The clipboard portion was easy to figure out, as well as the pull-out mouse 'pad' from the right side of the desk.

The 'tab' in front, I'm sorry to say, can't keep my 12.9" iPad in place, nor my 15" MacBook Pro. The propped stand/supports kept sliding forward, or collapsing, both in the 15º angle, as well as the 30º angle. In addition, both of my devices kept slipping off the surface of this minimalist desk. It would've been great if the surfaces were fabricated with some form of non-slip material.

The only positives I can say, is that the lap desk is very minimalist and THIN. This desk can fit into most backpacks, purses even. In the end, I found myself wishing for something... more to convince me to work with this design, but I found myself not particularly happy with the results.

Because of these issues, I can only give 2 stars, for the following reasons:

1. Missing clear, easy to understand, set up instructions. Can't move forward without them!

2. This lap desk, while slim, doesn't have necessary support mechanisms to keep your devices in place... safely. The support panels are... dare I say this? Thin and spindly. Distinct grooves would help with the 'tucking' of (thicker) support panels and keep it in place.

3. The surface materials are rather slick, and needs a non-slip finish to keep parts in place, including keeping your equipment safe and stable. (That's the all important function we all need.)

Hi Rituals,

Thank you very much for your objective comments. This information provides very good guidance for the improvement and innovation of our products.

Regarding the support issue, We did make a big mistake in the instruction manual. Because of the lack of effective operating guidance, many consumers have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use it correctly. A small number of bad experiences may be caused by a defective product. We have made some minor upgrades to subsequent products, and have included more intuitive and clear instructions in the new batch of products, as well as optimized instructional videos.

Regarding the anti-slip properties of the materials you mentioned, we are currently testing new materials that should appear in the next generation of products.

Finally, we thank you for your patience and support.

Colleen (New York, US)
Just perfect

love the mouse pad; love the size; just perfect for small laptops and pads. Beautifully created and easy to use; lightweight.

Anonymous (New York, US)
Comfortable, good size, easy to tuck away

I like that it was a mouse pad built in. I work from home, and this is a great tool for when I cant sit at the desk. Would definitely purchase again.

Bob (New York, US)
love this sleek design

Did not disappoint me, the shape is so sleek, tried several times to learn how to set the stand, surprised me, soooooo easy.

Mill,K (Toronto, CA)
A thoughtful brand

I'm a photographer and also a left-hander. They are so thoughtful to provide left-hand version for people like me. It is touchable.

Kevin Reed (New York, US)
Well done, Puncube!

Well done, Puncube! Received ours today, and absolutely like them! After using for an evening, OUTSTANDING product & look fwd to using them more! Unless I overlooked, only 1 tiny suggestion: have images showing how to unfold/fold?in which case, I looked at the GIFs on the website.
They come mailed inside an bubble jacket?wrapped around them to keep them safe during transport?all inside a thin, white bag-type envelope (drop shipped with your address sticker pasted over another sticker), similar to ones from Amazon, just not the puffy ones they sometimes use. They are inside a very informative & classy sleeve! (See photos.) On the bottom left is a circular window to see your color.
Here are a few early photos. Lighting was not ideal (and bec of that, I'm not posting the blue one tonight. The color is gorgeous & the camera just doesn't capture it. In my light, it almost makes it look black.). The colors are more muted in person / real life, so ignore any shine. I try to post more photos of ours tmrw if possible (blue & yellow are our colors). Shown with my iPad Air 5 (10.9 inches, same size as iPad Pro which is 11 inches?.
Love, love, LOVE THEM! So impressed by what we received and the improvements made since the campaign: retractable mouse pad, rivets in corners & anything else I missed. Well worth the wait!
Additionally, I was so impressed that I forgot about the (free) cases. I presume they will come in a separate mailer. Don't recall what was happening with those. Believe the cases were free based on my Super Early Bird pledge but also don't recall those details at the moment.
EDIT: My wife didn't know that I was a backer or that these even existed. So she was super surprised (and VERY happy!) when I showed them to her & gave her one.
EDIT 2: You never know with any crowd-funded product?but I did have a really hard time believing just about everyone won't like them, esp when considering the upgrades that were made after the campaign. This is no doubt like a 2.0 version.
And don't forget: it was mentioned in the last update, but inside that classy envelope (AT THE VERY BOTTOM!) is a small plastic bag with the round covers for the corner rivets that match the color you selected.
Enjoy, everyone!