Best Way to Carry Air Tag with a Minimalist Wallet

If you're looking for the best way to carry an AirTag with a minimalist wallet, there are a few options you can consider:

  1. Wallet with an integrated AirTag slot: Some wallet manufacturers now offer minimalist wallets with a built-in slot specifically designed to hold an AirTag. These wallets usually have a dedicated pocket or compartment that securely holds the AirTag, ensuring it stays in place and doesn't add much bulk to your wallet.

  2. Wallet card slot: If your minimalist wallet has card slots, you can use one of the slots to hold your AirTag. Slip the AirTag into a protective sleeve or attach a small adhesive backing to it, and then insert it into one of the card slots. This way, you can keep your AirTag discreetly stored along with your cards.

  3. Keychain attachment: Another option is to attach your AirTag to your keychain. Many minimalist wallets come with a keyring attachment or a separate keychain ring. You can secure the AirTag to the keychain and keep it alongside your wallet. This way, you'll always have your wallet and AirTag together.

  4. Wallet pocket or coin pouch: If your minimalist wallet has a pocket or coin pouch, you can store the AirTag in there. Simply place the AirTag in a protective sleeve or attach a small adhesive backing, and then slide it into the pocket or pouch. This method keeps the AirTag separate from your cards and cash while still being easily accessible.

Remember to consider the design and size of your minimalist wallet when choosing the best method for carrying an AirTag. Look for options that allow you to keep the AirTag secure and hidden while not adding too much bulk to your wallet.