PUNCUBE The Pocket Simplifier - Three Kickstarter Campaigns In One Year

In a world full of hectic routines and a gazillion tasks revolving around us, we might forget a whole lot of basic stuff, such as the door keys to our home or the card to our bank account.


It would be rather demeaning to realize you forgot to grab your credit card while standing at a gas station without any cash at hand.


To avoid such mishaps, we have got you covered!


Puncube’s three Kickstarter campaigns employ the Pocket Simplifiers that not only make your belongings safe but also keep them in one compact place, that is, your pocket!

PUNCUBE Minimal Wallet 2.0

You are merely one click away from getting a minimalist wallet for women that fits right into the tiny pockets and has ample space to store the heaps of cards and cash previously jumbled up in your drawers or pouches.


Moreover, if you’re looking for a minimal wallet for men that can store heavier stuff like a stack of keys, our minimal wallet for keys would be an excellent choice for you. What more would you want when you’re already saving half of your pocket space for other necessary stuff?


PUNCUBE Keyholder

If you’re habitual of forgetting your keys, why not put them in a place where you don’t have to worry about holding them all along?


That’s how simple our Magsafe keyholder is! This compact key wallet comes with a strong magnet that allows you to stick it to the back of your iPhone (12 and 13 series) and never worry about forgetting your keys anymore!

PUNCUBE Sandwich Wallet

An all-in-one ridge wallet that offers everything, from keeping your keys safely to placing all your cards and cash neatly in one place, isn’t impossible to find anymore.


Our sandwich wallet offers everything you need, from a ridge key holder having room for three keys to a card scanning slot for your everyday transactions.


The minimalist wallet pulls off with almost every outfit, thanks to its best quality leather that comes in 4 distinctive hues, with the long-lasting durability of about two years.


What Are You Waiting For?

If your drawer is already cluttered with important IDs and bank cards along with a stack of disorganized keys, it is high time that you took a stand by purchasing the Pocket Simplifiers that will not only ease your bulky drawers but also put everything neatly in one place.


Don’t wait anymore! You’re just one stage away from bringing your life back to control!